We Analyze and Optimize Meta Campaigns

From campaign setup to in-depth creative analysis, we manage testing and optimizing campaign performance.

We Plan & Produce Winning Ads

We make engaging, psychology-driven ad creative designed to perform on social media.

Our Work

Launching Article Furniture's New Subcription Brand

We launched a 1-year pilot in Vancouver to test Aloe by Article, a new furniture subscription brand from Article. After this initial pilot, we launched in Los Angeles. We helped with consumer research, market validation, and of course producing and launching ads.

Brand-Focused Video Ads For cuddle+kind

We produced over 150 creatives for cuddle+kind for both social media and Connected TV ads.

Generating 400,000+ Users For The TONIT App

We worked with TONIT from day one to generate their first 10,000 users, and helped lead the GTM strategy as they expanded through North America and then into Europe. We worked with the team for 5 years, growing the app to over 400k users acquired from social advertising and the world's largest online motorcycle community.

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Mobile Apps

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Salons (SaaS)

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Dental Manufacturing

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Finance/HR (SaaS)

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Leah Mazur, Founder

With a B.A. in Psychology and 8 years of experience as a Creative Strategist, Leah's expertise lies in understanding how to make ads that resonate and convert.

Leah has been running Carousel Creative (formerly Loop Digital Marketing) full time since 2017, consulting with clients to get them results from their advertising. Prior to launching her agency, she worked as a data analyst at Canada’s #1 Facebook advertiser, analyzing millions of ad spend.

She works with a small team of talented contractors to execute on client campaigns.
Leah has given advertising presentations across Canada, including for the Founder's Institute, Canadian Public Relations Society, and guest lectures at McGill University and Canadore College.

She is also an Ad World Pro speaker, you can access her talk by
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"Leah has been critical to launching our recent venture and gaining traction while balancing the needs of our brand with the reality of the market!
"She has a unique ability to bring new concepts to life quickly while being collaborative and iterative.
"Her deep knowledge of the ever-changing social advertising space has been critical to our early success and I’ve learned so many lessons the easy way because of it."

Tia Aoake, Product Manager, Article Furniture

"You can tell there is a sincerity to mastering her craft which is inspiring and contagious.
"Her paid ads knowledge and expertise shines through in all phases included strategy, creative, deployment, optimization and reporting.
"If something isn't working, there are no tears over spilt milk! She has a unique way of helping her clients find solutions while empowering them to keep pushing the needle and keep their head in the game."

Ryan Sullivan, Marketing Manager, Stay22

"[Leah’s] knowledge of and strategy for different platforms, the continual testing of different hooks and messaging angles, editing raw footage we had on hand into professional video ad content with a UGC feel, managing the process of hiring actors and filming new content, testing different types of offers ranging from free samples to direct orders, and trying out different ad and CTA formats like Messenger campaigns, are all things that we would have been completely in the dark about without her.
"I'll definitely be looking for more opportunities to work with Leah, can't recommend her enough."

Ryan Thomas, Founder/CRO, Koalatative

"The beautiful thing is that I don’t have to come up with the strategies and think of what we need to do, Leah has been on top of that.
"She’s taken my company in a very good direction. I’m very happy with her leadership and her charge.
"I hand it off and she takes care of it, it’s been a great partnership. I look forward to working with Carousel and Leah for a long time."

Simon Hasan, Founder, SHD Games

"We thought we could do it on our own. My husband has paid for over $10,000 of ads training but it’s one of those things that you really need an expertise in. 
"Honestly we’ve never paid for Leah because Leah has paid for herself many times over. I don’t know what we’d do without her. Its so nice for my own peace of mind to have someone who knows what they’re doing.
"I can go on and focus on the things that I do best and leave the rest to her. If you’re thinking about hiring [Carousel], go for it! 

Shannon Peckford, Founder, Sourdough Schoolhouse

Can’t say enough good things about them. Carousel took my app to the next level. Without them it wouldn’t be doing what it is now.
"The way they target people is phenomenal. I haven’t found anything that can match or compete with user acquisitions. Highly recommend them."

David Thiessen, Founder/CEO, The Good Neighbour

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