Ads so good, they could be organic content.

We make amazing ads, backed by what works.

The best ads are often ones that don’t look like ads. 

We take inspiration from what’s trending organically on social media to create ads that hook your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. 

Pair that with well-researched messaging backed by data and split-testing to consistently improve, and you’ve got a recipe for highly effective ad performance!

Why is the ad creative so important?

Just like a chef can’t prepare a quality meal without quality ingredients, the algorithm can’t make your ads perform without quality ads.

What We Do Best


The foundation of every ad is the message we're communicating

Video Ads

A good video ad will keep the audience engaged and excited

Media Buying

The right campaign structure and testing will help your ads flourish

How We Do It

1. 5-Step Messaging Framework

Our process always starts with research and message planning.

We learn the language, desires, and needs of your ideal customers. This allows us to create ads that are relevant and relatable for your audience.

We research and plan the best way to communicate your product benefits to your potential customers and use split-testing to improve on it.

2. Video Block Planning

A good video ad has to do a lot: hook the audience's attention, keep them interested, communicate the message, and then encourage them to click through.

We plan every second of our video ads to keep audiences engaged and move the customer forward on their buying journey.

We film our own content for the ads to make sure that we get the right shots we need to communicate our message well.

3. Ongoing Creative Testing

Our creativity is backed by data.

We design effective split-tests to learn about what works for your business so that our next round of ads are data-informed.

Sorry, no algorithm hacks here ⁠— just consistent testing and improvements.

Every Second Has A Purpose

The days of shipping your product to influencers and hoping for a well-planned video you can use in an ad are over. An ad needs to have the right components in order to sell to your audience.

Every video ad we develop is created with the fundamentals in mind to hook, engage, and convert your audience.

Videos From Our Portfolio

UGC-Inspired Video Ads

Your Ad Creative Does Your Targeting

We Make Ads That Help You Reach The Right People

The ad itself is what determines your targeting. When you launch a new ad and it starts getting served to the audience, the algorithm learns who resonates with the ad and shows the ad to more of those people. Each ad essentially creates a lookalike audience for itself.

This means it's crucial to create ads that appeal to your target audience, so that it gets seen by the right people.

We always research, plan, and create your ad with this in mind.


Simon Hasan, SHD Games
Shannon Peckford, Sourdough Schoolhouse
David Thiessen, The Good Neighbour

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